Pallet Racks

Take maximum advantage of your warehouse space! Heavy duty, high capacity storage for your pallet loads. Providing simple and easy forklift access to all pallets, crates, boxes, and containers. We carry many types of the most popular storage racks for indoor and outdoor use.
Starter Units

● Boltless Assembly – Beams lock into place and are adjustable
● Heavy gauge, welded steel frames and steel beams
● Add-On Units
● Extend the rack structure for increased storage space


● Additional Beams
● Row Spacers
● Wire Decking
● Cross Bars
● Dividers
● Netting
● Installation Kit
● Wire Brackets

WireCrafters panels and doors are constructed wire welded, 10 gauge steel in a 2″ x 2″ square mesh assembly. The mesh is then welded creating a rolled formed angle frame. Enclosure end panels are fastened to the ends with flush angle clips. To separate bays, end panels are made with a flat frame which allows the panels to be fastened to the assembled rack end with self screws. The back panels are also fastened directly to the rack. We stock 3 three types of mounting clips that permits an offset which ranges from flush mount (or no offset) up to 6″. These clips allow the load to overhang, while still maintaining proper security and safety for your workers. Offset clips are available in lengths up to 6″ long that allows you to mount the panels in between back-to-back rows of the pallet racks, providing a strong and secure wall to two rows of rack simultaneously.

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