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What we Do…

           Dance to Perfection Enterprise creates a sanctuary for people in which they can escape the crudeness in the world we all must deal with from time to time. The Enterprise encourages people to stay away from drugs by teaching ballroom dancing, ergo feeling euphoric from said activity to avoid the need people may feel to take drugs to be happy. Not only through dance do we encourage healthy practices, but also through our choices in catering at the events. We cater completely with organic hors devours and refreshments. In fact, our food and refreshments specifically tender to the nutritional needs of a dancers’ lifestyle. If someone is going to dance, it is crucial that they maintain good health and get all the proper nutrients for a body to function its best while participating in such a highly mobile activity. They are not truly experiencing dance if they can’t get the right nutrition to really move.

Although being healthy and drug-free are both very important, the array of fruitful remunerations from dancing expand beyond the stars or, in this case, health alone. Sanctuary can mean absconding an abusive relationship, or any kind of dangerous or unhealthy situation. Whether it be a troubled child who has a hard time being social or someone who has gone through a break up, it is inarguable that people who have been hurt emotionally need some rehabilitation, intimacy-wise. Dancing encourages people to be social and intimate in a healthy and pure way. You can dance with anyone and it can be friendly, competitive, and even romantic sometimes. It also encourages people to be confident within their own bodies and be their genuine selves without worrying about what others might think.

To build confidence, like building all things, is easily comparable to nurturing a plant. A plant starts out as a seed or cutting, it then develops roots and sprouts, later develops stems and leaves, then voilá! We have a mature plant. We try to develop dancers by staring them off with a beginner type of dance, one that is easy to learn. Starting people with blues dancing is a good idea for that reason. Blues is a very low toned dance. It is not meant to be gaudy or extravagant. Furthermore, Blues is the place to start for whomever is new to dancing. We start by teaching the basics to dance. Frame, lead, and follow, as well a floor etiquette are all important to learn at the beginning of every new kind of dance a person may try. Blues is the ideal place to start for someone who has been abused or is, for any reason, grieving, because the music in and of itself is about getting through the grieving process. In a sense, Blues dancing encourages people to face emotions, especially ones that may not be all that pleasant. In my opinion, to face one’s emotions and learn to feel them can itself heal and save so many people.

The next so called therapeutic step is moving on from the low toned, grieving Blues setting, and moving on to a more confident, fun setting where people can work on their skills. Proper form, ergo a person’s frame, lead, and follow skills are the next things to hone. The East coast swing style of dance is a more than appropriate style to demonstrate dancing form, being the perfect rhythm for a beginner to pick up on and a tempo of dance that lends itself to an energetic and friendly atmosphere for learning more. Learning is a crucial benefit to self-esteem because with learning and success, come inner accomplishment and pride. When someone has budded into a beautiful dancer, it is safe to say that they would not have done without developing a sense of being loud and proud in their persona.

With spring on the verge, and many stunning dancers ready to flourish, we have but one more style to introduce to new pupils of dance before we introduce them to an array of different styles. This style is referred to as the Viennese Waltz. The Viennese Waltz contrary to East coast swing, and Blues is a revolutionary dance. Blues and East coast are stationary, meaning they typically are cover a small amount of floor. Viennese Waltz however, moves the dancing unit around the perimeter of the ballroom in a revolution. In a comedic way, the dancers for whom have bloomed into honed, skilled, and striking dancers will be able to dance circles around the beginner and intermediate level dancers. Comedy aside, once dancers have learn to properly utilize there frame, they will be able to advance towards mastering floor craft. Floor craft is being able to dance in revolution around the ballroom and perform extraordinary moves without hindering other couples and or units on the dance floor.


Cha cha
Brazilian Zouk
West Coast Swing
Quick Step
Kick Step
Fox Trot
Viennese Waltz
Nightclub Two-Step
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